Friday, April 22, 2011

Follow your dreams

It is a glorious day here in Rijswijk and I should be outside doing something hehehe but no I have been stamping instead, but my table is infront of our balcony door which is open so I can at least see outside (does that count???) I really wanted to enter this weeks Mark's Finest Papers Speedy Cat challenge which is to do a collage card, so here is my offering. It looks nothing like the idea I started out with in my head, but then again in my head I think I can sing like Sarah Brightman (I can't in real life) so maybe it is not such a bad thing. Anyway I hope you like it.


  1. Oh like the way you centered your collage~ well done! Thanks for playing with Speedy's Friends~

  2. You nailed the challenge! Thanks for playing with Speedy's Friends! Can you sing a little louder, can't quite hear ya!

  3. Oh- hallo! My DH is from Rotterdam, and his brothers still live there! We honeymooned in Holland 10 years ago!