Thursday, January 2, 2014

Live The Life

Happy New Year to everyone, I am kicking off the new year with the One-Layer Simplicity Challenge No. 1 Restocking the shelves, well I am always in need of more cards for the men, (aren't we all lol). 

So here is my attempt, I have to say the OH My Goodness how scary is it to just put ink to card, I dithered around for ages, just in case I ruined that piece of white card, hahaha, it was a bit of a revelation and an experience, one which I will attempt to do more often.

This card is totally inspired and to a degree copied from  Marge McGuire in Stampers sampler Take Ten Winter issue, I think it worked well as one layer, I have made it with my partners Birthday in mind so the stamps used have specific meaning, like his age and our new bikes. It also looks a bit more green in real life.